Thursday, June 2, 2011

This Weeks Geocaching World's Geek of the Week Winner is...

We had an amazing time last night taping Geocaching World. Normally we record on Mondays at 6:30pm EST but because of the holiday weekend we moved over to Wednesday. Didn't matter we had tons of viewers and an extremely active chat room. Thanks from us to you for being there!

Anyways we have a contest each week with Geocaching World called the Geek of the Week where YOU our viewers can win some pretty cool prizes by bringing other viewers into our chat room when we are recording the show. How do you get into this amazing contest you ask? Very easily actually.

  • Go to Ustream and make an account - it's free and takes 3 seconds to do. 
  • Send our Producer: Courtney Wallin an email with the word GEEK in the subject and your Ustream login name in the body of the email.
  • Courtney will send you back a secret code for you only. Give that code to your friends, family, etc. and tell them to come to our LIVE recordings of Geocaching World. Usually at 6:30pm EST on Mondays. Here is our live link:
  • They will give the code you gave them to Courtney and you will get credit for each person who gives your code.
If you get the most codes for the night you are our Geek of the Week and will win an sticker. But wait there's more! If you get 100 people to eventually come to the chatroom with your code you will win really cool prizes like RVNN hats, Go Cups and more. 

This weeks winner of the Geek of the Week contest is: 
NYC Geocaching - way to go Jeremy!

Congrats to the winner and remember to get those people in our chat room next week for another chance to win!

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