Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Geocaching World ( Episode Geoc-007: Darrylw4 and Geowoodstock IX

Get It While It's Hot!  We just recorded this latest available episode for Geocaching World ( on Monday but since Geowoodstock IX is this Saturday we needed to get it out right away and here it is...

That's right Andy McCaskey, Dave Dufour and myelf will be doing a featured show at Geowoodstock this Saturday. Want to know who is responsible for setting up the Media / Podcast equipment so you can enjoy multiple podcasts and tv shows LIVE? Feel the need to thank the person responsible for us being able to stream our shows and other features of Geowoodstock via Ustream? Look no further than Darryl Wattenberg aka Darrylw4. It's all here in this special edition of Geocaching World! Link

PS. You can get this episode from the PC version of ITunes and on the web site right now. It will most likely take a few more minutes for the IPad /Ipod side of Itunes to catch up.. Check it out!


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