Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) - Geocaching with the Family and Series Geocaches

Greetings fellow geocachers. Last night's tapings of Geocaching World were a bit exhausting. Not because of the really extensive amount of cool video we used during the show. Not because of the explanations of why we were up in trees, climbing down cliffs or even hunting for geocaches in three foot cement tubes under busy North Carolina highways. Nope. The real reason I actually felt a bit drained is because there weren't as many fans in our Ustream chat room last night. Oh sure I know we have been moving the nights around a lot the past month because of the holidays and scheduling and stuff but it really was last night that I noticed REALLY how important it is to have you their watching and participating with us while we record the show to make it fun! YOU provide the energy that keeps us pumped. So please do us a huge favor and be there each and every week on Mondays at 6:30pm EST. It's not the same without you!

So what happened with the show? Yesterday was just kind of weird all way round. There was issues with Skype and some really poor performance. This made it difficult to do the show because sometimes the screen would lock up and I could not see what was going on but yet still had to continue because we are recording LIVE. Sometimes weird stuff would happen on RVNN.tv's end like running out of disk space half way through a segment or they had connectivity issues. I mean it happens but maybe we had sun spots or something.

The shows themselves turned out great where the first episode was about taking the family out geocaching. We had a lot of good GeoSnippits video for you to see and enjoy. The second show was about a series of geocaches that dealt with phobias. Dave and I both had a lot of fun with that one as well. You will be able to see these shows in about a month on Itunes. Look for shows #15 and #16 respectively.

Well that's all for now. Please be sure to come and visit while we record Geocaching World each and every week. We have contests, prizes and a whole lot of great discussion about geocaching. Join us, won't you?

Cya next week!


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