Friday, June 3, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching World ( - Geocaching Swag and Night Caching

Yeah I know, this is a late edition for my behind the scenes observations of this weeks Geocaching World ( I do have to apologize for being a day late but lets face it. It's a short work week with the holiday, we moved the recording this week to Wednesday and I have been running around like a geocacher with a bad satellite signal. It's been crazy.

Not that I am complaining but here is what Wednesday was like for me.
  • Completed a standard work day. I am a Sr. Software QA Engineer.
  • Rushed home to film a one minute commercial for our newest sponsor ADT.  It had to be done TODAY!
  • Setup lights, sound and computer for Geocaching World recordings. We tape two shows a week.
  • Was asked to come on early and be a guest on RVNN LIVE. Had a lot of fun as usual talking with the gang and discussing geocaching in general.
  • Filmed two Geocaching World TV shows. 
  • With three minutes to spare tear down Geocaching World setup and prepare for Geocaching Podcast recording.
  • Do the Geocaching Podcast show.

Around 10:30 pm EST I was finally able to eat some lite dinner, answer emails and then go to bed to get up for the next day. Phew.

All part of the fun and to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way. So now that you know how hectic things can be lets break down this weeks Geocaching World show.

As stated above I came on early and was a guest on RVNN LIVE. There Dave Dufour and I talked about some of the subjects we would be discussing. When that was finished it was time for pre-show prepping which meant after my equipment was in order I was busy Tweeting everybody and letting them know that we were about to start recording, did they register for Geek of the Week, meet up in the chat room in XXX number of minutes. That kind of stuff.

That night we talked about two different things. First was Night Time geocaching which was a lot of fun. The chat room was really hopping with the introduction of Geek of the Week, where we have a contest that you can win prizes for bringing people to come see us record live (more information on our website - ). So basically Courtney our Producer had a lot of fun trying to keep up with the chat room AND produce the show.

Each show consists of three segments. In between is all the commercials and interest points RVNN wants you to know about. As always we get into discussions with the people in the chat room and I really believe we talk more about geocaching in between sets than in the actual show. We really do love talking so the more the merrier. It also shows why it is so very important to see the live recordings. You get that much more information.

Anyhow the first show was a breeze and the second dealt with the subject of geocaching swag. Very good show except we ran out of disk space half way through segment three and had to redo that one from scratch. Eh, it happens. You grin and bare it. Part of show biz.

We had our first Geek of the Week winner that night who was 'NYC Geocaching'. He came up with a rather unique way of getting the most number of people to come and watch the show. We will have to tell how in a future posting. Very creative is all I can say. Stay tuned for more details on that too.

Well this has become a very long posting but we had a lot to talk about. See you on Monday 6/6/2011 at 6:30 PM EST for the next tapings. Be sure to check out our Geek of the Week postings so you can get in on the prizes.

Until next week!


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