Saturday, June 11, 2011

Do You Roku? Watch All The Podcasts On The Big Screen!

There are several different ways of watching Internet TV shows on your computer and mobile devices. Everything from Blubrry,, Itunes and straight off of the website to smart phone apps, Zune, etc.. It is quite enjoyable to watch by yourself but when you really want to enjoy our shows with more than one and have the whole gang present how can we watch on the TV screen?

There are a few really great options if you want to run a cable from your PC to the big screen. Those cables can be expensive and only if you have the right hardware. A much better option is to purchase an Internet streaming option like Roku or Boxee. I personally have a Roku box and find more and more interesting and useful content every day.

When using Roku you instantly have access to Blubrry where you can watch content like our show RVNN Live. That in itself was great but I wanted ALL the RVNN shows that were available. Fear not viewers, I found an answer.

There is a thing called a Private Channels which allows you to add extra channels to your Roku collection. This is accessed via your Roku Account. When done, simply put in the code ITPC which will add the Itunes Podcasts channel. There you can search for RVNN and the entire line up will appear. Just remember to select video as your selection choice.

Now you can sit back in your easy chair, enjoy your favorite libation and watch Geocaching World and all the rest of the wonderful shows.


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  1. Hi Nick,

    Funny strange but apparently Apple TV had some issues being able to receive Itunes content. From what I have read the problem may have been resolved by not. Can't believe Apple would have sent that out without being able to see their own content.


  2. Just got my Roku today so will try this out