Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) - How To Look For Geocaches and Geocaching Destinations

Greetings geocaching fans we had a great time last night doing episodes #17 and #18 of Geocaching World (RVNN.tv). To be honest I was getting a little worried when I noticed the missing amount of action on the RVNN Live monitor. Normally the station is a buzz with activity on Mondays and there wasn't a whole lot of activity being broadcast. What gives? Well from what I gather there has been a whole lot of equipment upgrades and swap-outs over the past few weeks. Combine that with summertime schedules, vacations and other out of the norms and you get a bit of chaos ensuing situations. Anyhow, right about 6:30pm EST everybody showed up and we started shooting pretty much on time. Just kinda missed not doing my cameo on RVNN Live. Oh well.

The tapings went great as usual. We met the new intern "Andy", yes there are now three Andy's in the studio which makes communication a bit interesting. All you hear during production is "Andy I need you to do X, no the other Andy...", all part of the fun.

Show #17 dealt with what to look for while geocaching. You don't usually get that kind of information from people unless you ask which is why this turned out to be such a great show. We actually broke things down by Urban, Wooded and miscellaneous examples of geocaching ground zero areas and then discussed the best places to actually look for the geocache itself. Hopefully this will give beginners some food for thought the next time they go out.

Show #18 talked about geocaching destinations. In other words if you were planning a trip either in your RV, camper or everyone piled in the cachemobile. What is some of the best ways to find geocaches. What we ended up doing is using suggestions from our viewers in the chat room. We had a really good crowd last night and the discussions were going fast and furious as usual. In between discussions of geocaching we were asked to investigate several areas around the country and what we found might surprise you. What that was you will have to see when you watch the actual show which should be out in a few weeks.

See it pays to come come visit us during our live recordings. First off you get to see how an actual TV show is shot, produced and recorded. Plus we talk more about geocaching in between the actual segments than during the show itself. We answer a lot of questions from the chat room audience and many times use those questions in the show itself. Finally you get the sneak peek of all the shows before they air out in the media main stream. Don't forget we record Mondays at 6:30pm EST.. Be there or miss out on a lot of great geocaching goodness.

Geocaching World also includes Dave Dufour who is Creative Director, Courtney Wallin, Producer and Andy McCaskey, Managing Director.

That's all for now..

See you next week!


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