Thursday, May 26, 2011

WIN PRIZES with the Geocaching World's Geek of the Week Challenge

Geocaching World's

The RVNN crew came up with a really great weekly challenge for everyone who comes to our chatroom while we are recording Geocaching World.

It is called the Geocaching World: Geek of the Week Challenge.

This is really cool and you can win some really great prizes.

It goes something like this. You need to get a Ustream login by going to which takes about five seconds to do.

Next to officially qualify you need to send Courtney Wallin an email ( and put the word "geek" in the subject of the email and then give Courtney your Ustream login name. Courtney will then email a special code back to you.

Now the fun part. 

You recruit people to come to the Geocaching World chat room when we are taping our shows LIVE. You will know what day and times we will be taping by going to my blog here:
You then give your recruits your secret code (dont give your code to anybody else except your recruits!). Each week we will tally up all the people in the chat room and see who recruited who. We will also keep track of how many people you recruited. Each week we will mention the leader-board during the show and if we have any prize winners.

To Win Your Prizes.

When you eventually recruit 10 people to come to the chat room with your secret code. You will win a nice prize. If you eventually recruit 100 people you get much better prizes. Like RVNN hats, beverage mugs and more. There will also be other special prizes as well which will be announced at random in the chat room and on the show but this is how we are starting Geek of the Week.

This is going to get huge so start your recruiting right away and don't forget to enter with Courtney!


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