Friday, May 27, 2011

Seeing Episodes In The Raw

One of the cool things you can do on is to be able to see many of the shows that are created on site in raw format. What does raw mean? Well when we record our shows they are usually done LIVE. In fact you can actually watch us as we do the taping.

When the show is finished being taped it is stored on a computer and has not yet been edited. Which means you can see things like the familiar green screen in the back ground. All of us making fun of ourselves in between segments, different members of the show giving instructions in the background. That kind of production stuff. Every weekday RVNN makes an hour long show called RVNN Live. In that hour show you get to see recently created episodes in that raw format before they are formally released. You also get a lot of insights to and an occasional personal appearance from the show hosts including yours truly.

So if you want to see how a television show is taped come see Geocaching World on our usual recording nights of Monday at 6:30pm EST. You can also see all the other RVNN tv shows by getting information from the website.

See you there!

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