Friday, May 11, 2012

Geocaching World Meets Up With Expedition Mississippi To Include Geocaching On Their Adventure

Geocaching the Mississippi

Extreme Geocaching Kayak Adventure

On this episode we are joined by 1/2 of Expedition Mississippi!
They are Geocaching noobs seeking advice from HeadHardHat and our fans!
They’ll be kayaking the Mississippi for 2 months and are looking for a new hobby. We think we can help!

  • Matt and Daniel, 1/2 of Expedition Mississippi, join us with their Geocaching questions!
  • Expedition Mississippi Kickstarter Project End Saturday, May 12th!
  • Prize Question: In American History Books; Who were the first noted people to explore along the Mississippi River?
  • HeadHardHat and fans answer questions and give advice to these Geocaching Noobs!
  • Expedition Mississippi has set up their username ExpeditionMississip
  • They need 5 backers at the $35 Geocaching level! Choose their Mississippi Cache!
  • Follow their trip with MyCampMate
  • Visit the Expedition Mississippi blog.
  • HeadHardHat’s Award Winning Blog
  • White River Cache suggestion from Nighthawk700 The Wall of Name Form the Past
  • Nighthawk700’s Kayaking Cache Bealls Island, in the Potomac River, between MD and VA
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