Thursday, August 4, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching World ( Episode #25 - Munzee Talk

I was very excited to be back on camera once again. We had not recorded another episode of Geocaching World since Geowoodstock IX back in early July. It was even more of a surprise when I found out that Phil May host of Gadgetplex was visiting the studios. So we had a very special guest with tonight's LIVE recording.

Phil May - Host of Gadgetplex
Because this was an attempt to get back on our normal recording schedule we taped only one episode and it was on a Wednesday instead of our summer schedule of Monday nights at 6:30pm EST. I was very pleased to see many of our regular viewers in the Ustream chat-room just like always. Geocachers are the best and thank you for being there.

Since Phil is our electronics show expert we of course started the show talking about some of the gps gadgetry he was familiar with. One of the items that I thought quite clever was a key-chain sized gps that allowed you to mark an important spot like where you parked your car so you could quickly get back to it. I see that very handy if you don't have a smart phone but would like that functionality.

Segments two and three we talked about an extremely popular adaptation of the geocaching theme. It's called Munzee and is an electronic, smart phone, search and discovery game. If you frequent my blog there are several really instructive posts I have placed for you to enjoy. In tonight's episode we go over many of the basics and I also take you on one of my earliest Munzee hides.

Be sure to watch when episode #25 of Geocaching World becomes available. Much more for you to learn about this fun activity. So stay tuned via the website, Itunes and all of our distribution networks and affiliates.

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